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Xzibit - Eyes may shine lyrics

Yeah yeah
Look, you could've got away but your response wasn't quick enough
Can't preserve life 'cause the best wasn't thick enough
Teflon, Napalm, Homicide scenes
These are a few of my favorite things!
But I ain't Mary so ain't a damn thing poppin
Only death disease and a whole lota palm trees
Not only for mics, Xzibit is a way of life
Until my death so I celebrate success
Best of the best wouldn't test these waters with a yacht

Sendin' sixteen shots across your parking lot
All up on your proximity drinking Hennessy
Holdin down ground like the Statute of Liberty
So nobody ever can rush my spot
And the torch stay lit so I ain't worried about s***t
It ain't where your from it's al about how you represent!
Unfamiliar faces better know who your f***' wïth

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