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Xzibit - U know lyrics

Most niggaz get it confused right? Huh
They think it's all chronic and palm trees out this muh'***a
Bitches and bikinis, listen, huh

Some niggaz is better left alone
I place you underneath the very ground you walkin on
And ain't no children in this m*********, drop your tone
Ain't got no business even F***N with no microphones
So yo it's me against the world, and ain't got s***t to lose
My heavy artillery built to make the masses move
I carry tools that'll pick you up and out your shoes

Xzibit bringin new meanin to alcohol abuse
I wanna fall up in the spot where all the bitches at
Holdin somethin heavy to help you straighten out your back
A couple of drinks and I bend you over the kitchen sink
So what you think I owe you somethin bitch for f***n me?
(BITCH) Get a grip, misery love company, check it
Xzibit show you the difference between real life and makin a record
Makin the moves and connections that you never expected
What good is money and the fame if you never respected?
Check ït out

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