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Yello - Pin ball cha cha lyrics

Come, come close to me, I tell you man you will see
I am like happy tree, come close and you will see
Every ball for me's another game.
For you this always looks the same

Hey you, man watch me, you might be right I am a fool
But man why don't you tell me, if you know a better tool

All the gates are lit, this is very good for me
Its like a kiss, watch out man and you will see,
Now all lights are on

Believe me man that I have won
I know for you this doesn't look a lot
For me this is the only thing I got.

I couldn't care less, if you take me for a fool
I know you couldn't show me any better tool

Oy oy oy I like my toy
Claro que si, is yes for sure
Oy oy oy I like my toy
A knack inside, I got another game
I press the button and ït's not the same

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